About us

HOSOYA & Co.,Ltd. celebrates its 60th anniversary and continues to grow. With the history of our company from its beginnings to the present, we provide you with the latest technology that has been commercialized through field tests at our farm.


With a global perspective, we actively introduce advanced technologies from overseas and building our network, steadily expanding overseas partnerships every year.


Since its inauguration in 1960, we have been developing and selling poultry farming equipment, as well as operating a farm as a testing ground. We conduct field tests of the latest technology at our own farm and develop an equipment that reflects the requirements from the customers.

Poultry Laboratory

The Poultry Laboratory is a complex farm that tests equipments and produces eggs to improve poultry farming facilities. We would like to introduce you to an egg-laying hen farm located in the rich mountains of Kikugawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is famous for its tea.


Aiming for next innovation of our industry.